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You might have watched many videos or read many articles to lose weight, but no one would have told the secret that I am going to tell you. If you are also tired of weight loss measures, then this only solution will help you 100 percent in weight loss.

What makes you gain weight?

The only thing that increases our weight is what we eat every day. Will you say SUGAR? Yes, you said it right, Chinese! If you eat 2 teaspoons of sugar daily then it doesn’t make any difference but, what if I say you eat 40 to 50 teaspoons of sugar daily? Yes, if you eat 8-10 rotis in a day then you eat 40 to 50 spoons of sugar and your weight keeps increasing rapidly. Whatever roties you eat, it contains the highest amount of carbohydrates which gets converted into sugar by the insulin of our body. Due to gains, more carbohydrates enter the body, more carbs get converted into sugar and more sugar gets converted into fat.

Then if you don’t want to eat roties then what should you eat?

1 roti has 120 calories, if you eat 5 rotis in the morning and 5 in the evening, then you take 1200 calories in the whole day, our body needs 1600 calories in the whole day, more than 1600 calories get converted into fat. She goes. Therefore, you have to fill your stomach only with things having 1600 calories or less, like one cucumber has 45 calories, you cannot eat 40 cucumbers in the whole day. You can’t eat 60 tomatoes all day. If you fill your stomach by eating 3-4 cucumbers or tomatoes or onions, then you will feel less hungry and you will consume less calories throughout the day and the extra fat in your body will get burnt to its normal size.. and within a week you will see the magic. Done. This is the secret formula! Whenever you feel hungry, you should not eat things made from grains, like roti, bread, pizza, biscuits, rice… you should eat vegetables or fruits.

Stop eating grains and eat vegetables in the evening

The more low calorie foods you eat, the faster your weight loss will start. According to the diet plan given below, you can lose 2-3 KG weight in 1 week.

a) You have to eat fruits in the morning and avoid things with high calories. Fruits have low calories, such as Apple – 52 cal, Strawberries – 32, Pineapple – 50, Watermelon 30, Papaya – 43, Oranges – 47, Banana – 60.

b) You have to eat vegetables in the afternoon. Vegetables are low in calories, such as Cucumber – 45, Tomato – 22 cal, Onion – 44 calories.

c) For dinner you can have 1-2 rotis and some salad.

Do Exersice on an empty stomach in the morning, not in the evening.

You should not eat dinner after 7 o’clock so that your entire food gets digested overnight and your stomach remains completely empty in the morning and you can burn unwanted fat by doing Axer Size. You should not eat anything before or one hour after Axer Size. Have to eat. For energy in the morning, you can consume one teaspoon of honey and lemon juice mixed in a glass of water.

लम्बाई बढ़ाने के लिए योग

exhale carbon dioxide

Science says that when fat burns, it gets converted into carbon dioxide and water? Fat + Oxygen = 80% Carbon Dioxide and Water

Whenever we inhale and exhale, our fat gets burnt and converted into water. While exercising, our body produces more heat and more carbon dioxide and our fat gets burnt for the same amount of time. Therefore, do any activity for at least half an hour that makes you breathe faster. Whenever you do any exercise like walking or gym, exhale forcefully through the mouth, the more carbon dioxide comes out, the more fat will be burnt and the faster your weight will be reduced.

And you have to do this experiment only for 2-3 months, when your weight reduces, you can again keep your weight in balance by eating things with less carbs.

Friends, if you lose even a little weight with the weight loss diet plan given above, then do not forget to comment below so that this information can be proved correct to other people. If you liked this article then do not forget to share it with someone in need.

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